Women's Self Defense

Protect your body. Protect your spirit.  
Use the Krav Maga self-defense system
to fend off unexpected predators.

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Development and Fitness Experts

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The Women’s Self Defense Seminar has been carefully developed with valuable input from law enforcement officials and criminal prosecutors. In order to provide realistic training, the program deals specifically with how and where women are commonly attacked. Women are taught how to safely and effectively fend off an attacker with punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.



We also teach our students how to defend themselves against common chokes, grabs, bearhugs, and other attacks, including fighting on the ground and when confronted by a weapon. In order to prepare our students to the fullest extent, we emphasize realistic training scenarios and realistic defenses.  This allows women to leave class feeling safe, strong, and empowered.

Real World


The self defense for women program incorporates training methods to build women’s fighting spirit and to train them how to respond both mentally and physically in a time of need, eliminating the danger of “freezing” or “shutting down” in confrontations. We put the emphasis in creating real-world scenarios in order to ensure maximum preparation in potentially dangerous situations.

Our dedicated instructors ensure that the female students constantly feel safe
and in control throughOUT the self-defense seminar. It’s our mission to
increase mental and physical strength within our female students, ensuring
that they leave the seminar with the ability to combat potential danger.



Krav Maga for Women




Krav Maga is quickly gaining in popularity among women for a choice of self defense study. This form of training focuses on real world situations and is extremely efficient at countering brutal attacks. Krav is a very intense form of training that will not only enable you to defend yourself, but will whip you into shape in no time. There have been an influx in celebrity Krav Maga training to not only improve their believably on screen and also keep their bodies camera ready; Maria Menounos, Hillary Swank, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez, Brendon Fraser, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Garner, Shannon Elizabeth, Leonardo Di Caprio, & Brad Pitt to name a few.